H&C Tool:
Your Partner in Mold Making

H&C Tool

Hi-Craft Engineering is proud to have H&C Tool, our high quality in-house tool shop. H&C is available to provide complete mold construction, repair, improvement, and preventative maintenance. With the highest quality equipment, capacity, and expertise our full-time tool room and staff will ensure that your product will have very little downtime for corrections, changes, and improvements.

H&C Tool


H&C Tool History

Hi-Craft Engineering began as a tool and die shop, and this continues to be a critical component in our operations. H&C Tool incorporates CNC EDM technology, CNC machining technology, preventative mold maintenance programs, and in-house parting line repair utilizing CNC orbital EDM technology.

H&C Tool Features

  • H&C Tooling- Hi-Craft’s in house design, tooling, & mold manufacturer for 40 years
  • 5,000 square foot facility
  • Post-Mold-Warp Reverse Engineering expertise
  • Design changes expedited
  • Eliminates shipping costs and delays, cut out layers of involvement
  • Specializing in Low Cost Country (LCC) tooling solutions, using the highest grade US tool steel
  • In-house molding and process development

H&C Tool

Conventional Tooling

  • 1 Cavity Mold
    • Unit Price: $47,766
    • First Samples: 10 weeks
  • 2 Cavity Mold
    • Unit Price: $67,730
    • First Samples: 12 weeks

LCC Tooling

  • 1 Cavity Mold
    • Unit Price: $18,850
    • First Samples: 7 weeks
  • 2 Cavity Mold
    • Unit Price: $28,500
    • First Samples: 8 weeks
  • LCC Tooling Capabilities – reduce tooling costs by 60% and shorten lead time by 33%*
  • Both out of high grade US tool steel
  • Both built to same North American standards
  • Both include complete in-house tooling support for engineering changes, and revisions

*Prices and timing may vary

H&C Tool