Plastic injection molding may seem like a complicated concept to the consumer, but it’s the most common manufacturing method because of its efficiency and ability to create a plethora of everyday items. The everyday items we use that are made by injection molding range from complex and intricate components to larger more simple objects.

We’ve listed a few of the most common things we use every day that are made from injection molding systems below, and some you may be quite surprised by.

5 Common Injection Molding Products

  1. Bumpers and Dashboards. When you sit in your car every day, you’re surrounding yourself with injection molding components. So many elements in your car are made from plastic injection molds such as the buttons on the radio, the automatic window controls, and the plastic cup holders. All of those things are made the exact same way, and it’s not just the interior of the vehicle, bumpers are also made via injection molds.
  2. Whether it’s the lid on a water bottle, a plastic cup lid, or the lid of a prescription drug container, they’re all made from plastic injection molds.
  3. DVDs and CDRs. Believe it or not, we’d believe it if we were you, many discs are made from injection molding systems. Actually, the CDs and the cases are both manufactured this way, and that’s along with the plastic shelf that you probably store them on.
  4. Electrical switches can be produced on a mass scale when made with injection molding systems. The entire electrical system of your home is actually dependent on injection molded products, because those products hold it all together.
  5. Within the healthcare industry, there are hundreds upon hundreds of products that are made with these injection systems. This industry heavily relies on versatile plastic products that can be manufactured in bulk. From plastic syringes to tools used in medical procedures, injection molding is what helps the medical professionals get their jobs done.