It can seem like a boring topic once the name is said, but a lot of the products you commonly use were actually made by advanced injection molding systems. Thermoplastics have actually been extremely popular within the manufacturing industry since the 1940’s when the wars were going on and there was a high demand to mass produce products. Some of the first industries to enlist with the help of injection molding systems included:

  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Products
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Plumbing

There are three types of raw material that are used in injection molding systems;

  1. Thermoplastics
  2. Elastomers
  3. Thermosets

Within these three raw materials, there are over 20,000 different formulations that can be injected into whichever mold you’re choosing to use. The process in which an injection molding machine works is actually relatively simple. The raw material is placed in a heating cylinder and then injected into the mold that’s either made from aluminum or steel.

Advantages of Injection Molding Systems

  • Increase your overall rate of production.
  • Lower the labor costs.
  • Minimal scraps since the scraps can be melted back down.
  • Almost no need for final touches.
  • Use of a wide range of materials that benefit specific applications.

If items are being mass produced, Injection Molding is the only wise decision for construction. These machines are economical as well as efficient, and with the only disadvantage being the startup cost well, that’s the initial disadvantage when starting anything new.

Injection molding is the most common plastic molding process there is and they can be used to create such a wide variety of products. From vinyl windows to snowboards, you can create almost anything. It’s really hard to imagine a life without plastic and while many don’t understand how many different variations of plastic there are, trust us when we say there’s a ton and you use it every day. So, if you’re interested in investing in an injection molding system, contact us at Hi-Craft Engineering today.