If you walk into a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastic injection molding, you’ll never hear one of the workers say “if it can go wrong, it will” because with injection molding, there’s really nothing that could go wrong. It’s one of the most popular and financially beneficial ways to mass produce products, whether they’re parts for airplanes, appliances, or just toys, injection molding equipment is the way to go.

When you look at the aspects of plastic injection molding that could go wrong, there’s really only one thing and that’s if the mold isn’t properly crafted. However, if a company is that concerned with the details of their mold, they outsource it then do the injections themselves. Problem solved.

So, how is injection molding such as easy manufacturing process? Well, we’re here to break it down for you just so you really get it.

Breaking Down the Basics of Injection Molding

  1. The Mold Design

    As aforementioned, the only time problems arise in an injection molding process is during the designing of the mold itself. It takes an experienced design engineer to properly craft an injection mold which is why many companies outsource this job. As long as you have knowledge with CAD/CAM systems, you should be able to create the perfect mold, but if not, outsourcing lessens your level of error.

  2. Choosing the Material

    Aside from creating the mold, determining what material to inject is the most important step in creating the perfect parts. Luckily with the advances in polymer technology allow us to create several different types of resins for several different applications.

  3. Building and Testing

    Even if you think you have the perfect mold, you still want to give it a test run to make sure you’re not creating hundreds of products that are all defective. We suggest that if you’re injecting a product line for the first time, you create pre-production molds that can be altered to ensure you’re getting your ideal end product.

  4. Mass Production at High Quality

    Once the molds are completed and dried properly, you’re left with a full cycle product line that is ready to package and ship. Injection molds are built to last, and although 3D plastic printing is great in theory, it’s not great in reality when it comes to mass production as the cost to run the application is far greater.

Looking for an Injection Molding System?

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