Written by Felicia Franklin

Don Nemens has been with Hi-Craft for 20 years.  Thru Hi-Craft’s financial support for his post-secondary education, Don has finished training at both ITT Technical Institute and Macomb Community College.  He has been dedicated to Hi-Craft’s success ever since.  “I treat Hi-Craft like it’s my own,” says Don.

Mr. Nemens is now responsible for overseeing the company’s entire manufacturing operation.  Under Don’s management, he has taken the reject quantities down to consecutive zeros month after month.  As Don says, “My main goal is to maintain quality.   I may stress production numbers from the operators, but quality will always come first.  Without good parts, there is no good business.”

Don is particularly excited about the new robotic technologies Hi-Craft is currently adding to their production systems.  He believes this commitment to advanced, scientific molding will further increase our productivity, quality, and expertise.